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Full Version: Waldorf Attack in NI Maschine
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Hello there,

If any of you ever get the idea of using the drumplugin Attack in Native Instruments Maschine you will appearently run in the same problem as I did. Attack has 24 sounds in every kit. The first 12 sounds are non-melodic, you can't play them "in pitch" on the keyboard but you can change the pitch in the oscillator sections of the VSTi.
First you will not be able to find any sounds when trying to sequence on the controller. Now go to padmode > keyboardmode and change the base key and octaves till you find the sounds. You can copy the instance of the VSTi for every next sound in stead of loading a new instance.

For the last 12 melodic sounds there is no solution as far as I understand. Sound 13 till 24 are spread over the different midichannel 1 to 12 just like the first 12 sounds but the problem is that you cannot play them melodically on the keyboard as intended.

On my midi keyboard I change the midichannel to channel 11 to play sound 23 but Maschine ignores the channelpart of the midi-message, so you are limited to just one channel. Sound 13 is layed out on the keyboard, so if you copy your preset to that part you can overcome the problem and at least use 1 melodic sound.
To sequence that melodic part you cannot use the previous method because you will only have one note that you can't pitch up or down. Use the normal sequence function and search for the corresponding notes with the octave up down buttons.
If you would like to use more melodic sounds, you need to load other new instances of the plugin.

Here a small video if it is all too confusing: