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Full Version: MR FURY 3 - Trippy Past by KUJASHI
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Soundbank mit 32 Patches für Mr Fury 3 beta von

Eine Emulation - angelehnt an den Korg Polysix - von

Reed- und analoge Leads, Pads, Bässe, einige FX, Keyboardssounds und
Sequenzer-futter, Brass, Ensembles, Dub-, Ambient und Atmosounds....

A soundbank with 32 patches for the Mr Fury 3 beta of

Sounds like from an original beast of the past....

It´s a far emulation of the KORG Polysix - so you may find analog sounds in this bank....
Sweet and analog Leads, Pads, Keys, Basses, Sequencer-food, Brass and Ensembles,
Strings, Dub-, Ambientsounds and Sfx.....

Das Sounddemo wurde wieder nur mit Sounds aus der Bank (bis auf die Drums) und ohne
Verwendung von externen Effekten eingespielt.

The Sounddemo was played only with sounds of the bank (except the drums) and without
the use of external effects...


The bank: [attachment=1669]


Wonderful sounds! You're my favorite vintage sound designer!


Thank you for sharing these awesome sounds, Kujaschi!  Danke  Grins  :top2  :ya
Thank you. What vst does this work with and where can I download it, please? Thanks again



Hi , you can find it in the Museum .... just use the " search " tab ..  Wink
here the link : 
ciao ,
Hi ,
great sounds , many thanks ,
ciao ,


Very interesting instrument and soundbank! Can't wait to try it out. (chronic VST plugin tester here..)
Btw, is this synth free or is it a demo? (I read of a nagscreen somewhere.)

Hello Brian,
this synth wasn´t available for years - wether by the dev nor on the net and it´s free.....
This projects was discontinued by the dev too - it only has this nagscreen.....but only for some seconds -
otherwise the known little bugs (readme.txt), but it´s full functionable.....

What I really appreciate is these banks for older forgotten synths truly prove it's not a question of having the latest greatest 64-bit VST3 flavor of the month... it's not the brush, it's the artist that matters! :kaffee


Very cool. I have a poly 61 which is a step lower, but has great sounds as well.


(16-04-2016, 09:51 PM)ccDuckett link Wrote: [ -> ]What I really appreciate is these banks for older forgotten synths truly prove it's not a question of having the latest greatest 64-bit VST3 flavor of the month... it's not the brush, it's the artist that matters! :kaffee
For certain, I can only agree with this statement.

However, in all fairness to Korg and the excellent VSTs it has put out such as the Polysix's VST version, I found that the MrFury VST can not quite compete with the quality of Korg's.

I liked Kujaschi's demo a lot (well done K!). It got me interested enough to give the VST a try.

Unfortunately, it sort of crashes when using it in Studio One 2.6, which is the DAW I use (it gets stuck in a horrible sound spike). So I checked it out in MiniHost.

As in the description it is said that it's a "far emulation" of the Polysix, I compared it to Korg's VST version.

Even though MrFury has 2 independant osc while the P6 has only 1, the P6 simply sounds fatter and deeper, even without any of the effects (such as the amazing ensemble effect).

In fact, the P6's sound totally keeps blowing me away. You can get really classic (and otherwise) amazing sounds out of it. It sounds great even without any reverb and/or delay. It's a very good emulation of a hardware synth.

So yes, what counts is the music one makes with all these wonderful instruments. And you can make fantastic music with just a wooden box and some strings, such as a modern violin. But for lush and deep sounds, it won't be a match for a Stradivarius in the hands of a master player.

Everything has it's place though, and deserves appreciation for it. The MrFury VST has a nice "analog-ish" flavor to its sound (hard to describe, a kind of a tape saturation effect - but it actually makes me think more of the Korg Delta than the P6), however it's still very flat. On the other hand, if that's what works for your track, then it's a winner Wink

Check the following sound examples, to hear what I mean about the P6 (incidentally, both tracks are good examples of how due to excessive repetition, they end up being quite boring, nothwithstanding how nice the sounds are...  :o )

Yeah, good and sweet Youtube-Vids, Sounddigger....

For sure, the MrFury is just a older and far emulation of the P6, sometimes the GUI reminds between a mixture
of P6 and his brother MonoPoly (can remember - put my nose on the window of a musicshop im Hamburg as I
was a teenager - there was a Korg MonoPoly.....saw it these times ago in some musicmagazines ....)

But the MrFury has a little "analog flair" - that´s right - cos of his 2nd OSC he couldn´t get close to the sound of
the real P6 - there must be more - so the Legacy-Edition of KORG is more than right.... so you´ve got a real Polysix....  Smiley_emoticons_thumbs1