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Full Version: NEUMIXTURTRAUTONIUM_Sonic Excursions Bank by KUJASHI
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Exclusiv für Music-Society Mitglieder

eine Soundbank mit 16 Sounds für die seltene Neumixturtrautonium-Emu
von Rick Jeliffe
In dieser Kollektion sind definitiv keine Brot- und Butter Sounds.
Soundkreationen, die vom Original her stammen könnten, als auch Stringmachine-Emus,
Leads, Effekte und Ambientpatches.
Mögen einige Sounds out-of-tune sein - auf der Page 1 ist ein Tune-Knopf - entsprechend
den anderen Sounds gleich einstellen, falls man mehrere Sounds im Mix verwenden möchte

Exclusively for members of Music-Society

A soundbank with 16 patches for the rare Neumixturtrautonium
by Rick Jelliffe

Sounds like from an original beast of the past....

In this collection are some truly special kind of sounds:
Emulations of the real thing and some interesting Stringmachine sounds, also some Leads and Ambientpatches.
So these sounds are for special moments and no bread and butter - use the Modwheel
Pay attention with the tune on some sounds: On page 1 is a tuneknob - be sure, that all sounds have
the same tune, if you play them in combinations.....

Das Sounddemo wurde wieder ausschließlich mit Sounds aus der Bank (außer den Drums)
und ohne Verwendung externer Effekte eingespielt

The following sounddemo was played only with sounds of that bank (except the drums)
and without external effects

the bank: [attachment=1645]
The synth: [attachment=1646]


Thank you I will try now !!!
Thanks for sharing these..really looking forward to trying them out.  :top2
Thank you for your comments to all....

To arseniy,
the neumixturtrautonium isn´t available on the net anymore - the dev´s website is down for years and
he isn´t active, so there´s no chance for an update or other things. You have to take and use this synth as it is.
I know of that clicks in the shifter-unit. But the other possibilities of this synth, based on sub-harmonic-synthesis
are unique. To built chordal sounds and textures quiet like the can only make some tricky things -
just play with bigger reverb on, wash out the sounds - maybe you doesn´t hear those clicks anymore.
It´s a synth for special moments, not for bread and butter sounds.......but what is perfect?


Thank you for sharing this! Indeed this VST isn't available anymore. So i am very excited to try it out! Thanks and Cheers.
(08-10-2016, 06:30 PM)cahunacrasher link Wrote:eine wunderbare Bank für dieses schräge Teil. Danke sehr

kujashi ist der Meister in solchen dingen
Thanks for this unique gem!
Very nice patches!  Smile :top2 Danke