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TNT is a Distortion/Saturation plugin.

TNT was originally created for audio processing on drums (individual sounds and loops), FX and bass sounds.

TNT comes in 2 flavours: single band and multi-band. Both have mono and stereo components so we are talking about a total of 4 VST plugins. Both share the same saturation/distortion algorithms but the single band features a Tone knob that is not present in the multi-band version.

This later features a transparent 6dB crossover filter that separates the low and high bands where you can use different saturation/distortion algorithms on each band. There is also a balance knob that helps to level both bands before final output.

    Midi learn (right click on the knobs).
    Zero latency.
    Full automation.
    Modifier keys: Shift (fine tuning) and Control (default value).
    Clear, intuitive, easy to use GUI.


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