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Full Version: Novation Remote Templates for Roland D-110 (+D-10/D-20)
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RemoteSL templates for Roland D-110/-20/-10
download link below. ctrlr panel in progress, rebuilding.

[Image: 1_27_02_16_2_23_03.jpeg]
[Image: 1_26_02_16_7_49_07.jpeg]

the Remote mapping has 17 templates(pages)
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Roland D-110 for RemoteSL
Dec2016 revision:
-fixed checksum errors
-single *.blk file to load.
and here:

is the Ctrlr D-110 (standalone alpha rev034b)...
(see above, under the Remote image, for the Ctrlr screenshot)
finally getting this sorted. standalone exe only for now.
you don't need to install anything, just unzip and run.
should all be working - little problem with the Timbre
dropdown lists not working. sorting that out now, and
the VST plugin version.
new version today: rev034 i  :band
please redownload, same link, above.

fixed non-working dropdown combos
should all be working (apart from inc/dec on PCM select,
not critical)