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[Image: 15_05_12_15_1_26_29.jpeg]

[Image: 15_05_12_15_1_27_21.jpeg]

An old bundle by the dev DIGIT AL

WerkV: [attachurl=1]
Deep Blau: [attachurl=2]


Thanks...the more I try to cut down on the content of my VST folder you keep turning up ones I never knew about or tried. Keep up the good work!


ThanksĀ  LiebeKeep up the good work
I have the excellent Werk V2, but somehow missed the original version - so thanks for this.

Also, I hear the developer is working on a new plugin - his first for about 10 years. Can't wait!
Hi! As downloads don't work correctly, most archives, especially zips appear broken. Could someone please reupload Werk V, Werk V 2 and Deep Blau somewhere else?

the ZIPS are working, if you know a bit about Hex editing. The files start wirh a "<div class="php_warning">MyBB Internal: One or more warnings occurred. Please contact your administrator for assistance.</div>" text. You need to delete this, the the file is intact.

Or try "" or ""
You're absolutely correct, that's what I've done after downloading. This method so far had worked with every archive, except these two and Nikola Jeremic pack. One file from the archive always appear broken, and in this very case the archive consists of exactly one file. So, alas, no dice.

Thank you, tf-drone, old site's archive works, but the newer has a lot of missing links.
So, what's still missing:

[Image: DIG2.jpg] [Image: MEGA.jpg]

[Image: SEISMO.jpg] [Image: SYN.jpg]

[Image: werkv-1.jpg] [Image: werkv-2.jpg]