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Full Version: Charisma V_0_8_1_Blue_Edition - 2015 FINAL VERSION
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Hallo Smile
Dies ist nun die Finale Version des Charisma Blue.
Es sind sind hinzu gekommen:
- Multimode-Filter mit 9 verschiedenen Settings: LP1, LP2, HP1, HP2, Moog, LP + Resonance, HP + Resonance, Band Pass + Pesonance, Band Reject + Resonance
- 4 weitere LFO-Destinations: Resonance, Fine Tune, VCF Decay, VCA Decay
- Echte Noten-Readouts im Sequencer!
Ferner sind nun alle Parameter benannt und die Patches sind mit den erweiterten Funktionsparametern neu konfiguriert.
Für die anderen Steuerparameter gilt eben: je höher der Notenwert, desto größer die Value.

Hello Smile
This is the final version of the Charisma Blue.
Additionally there are the following features:
- Multimode-Filter with 9 different Settings: LP1, LP2, HP1, HP2, Moog, LP + Resonance, HP + Resonance, Band Pass + Pesonance, Band Reject + Resonance
- 4 another LFO-destinations; Resonance, Fine Tune, VCF Decay, VCA Decay
- Real note readouts in the sequencer!
All Parameters are named and patches updated using the new specifications
For any other sequencer-destinations except the notes you have to know: The higher the notes, the higher the values.

Charisma Blue 2015 Final
Danke Das werde ich dieses Wochenende gleich ausprobieren, weil da habe ich schon sehr lange auf gewartet!
cHello Mira, I have a question: I am not able to save any Preset in Cubase. As you know, saving as fxp is not possible but if I save as a vstpreset in Cubase, it is not there when you try to load it. Is this a bug? When I choose "Programliste in VST-presets umwandeln" Cubase does the conversion but no presets are there in the end. It reminded me of your other other topic. Maybe you need to implement this first? Can you save presets in Cubase ?
It works like a demo now here because you cannot save. On the other hand, it recalls all parameters when I load the Cubase-project again.
Another thing I wondered about, how do you reset the sequencers so they run in sync with eachother?

Extra info: Win7 x64 Cubase x64 and running the Plugin via built-in bridge, because it works.
I can save vstpresets in Cubase Elements.
Please notice, my Operating System is 64 Bit, but Cubase Elements is installed in 32-Bit-Version because of problems with some plugins (BFD Eco).

Ok, I just installed the x32 version of Cubase and there the preset saving is working indeed.
I still do not get the sequencerpart completely. It is not reseting the sequence to the beginning when I skip to the beginning of my project in Cubase.
And I still cannot run the 2 sequencers at once. Anyway Charisma has lots of Charisma now, thank you for the great update, I like it a lot!
Well, I did the following way:

Downloading the 7z File, unpacking, putting in MuLab - and the Sequencer resets after Stopping the DAW. It resets itself to the first Step, and if you turn your DAW to the beginng it will then start from the first step.
Remember: These are MODULATION Sequencers; no step sequencers! They cannot trigger notes and you can also use not them both - because they only shift notes.
They`re no 2-voice-sequencers! - but they can shift Chords.

Thanx, I get it now.
The reseting of the sequencer is working in Cubase x32. The strange behaviour (no preset saving and not reseting) is only happening in x64 version.
Alright Smile

And when you set your locators and use "1" to jmp to the first locator you have to stop your project before jumping. :top2