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Full Version: JBM Klumpeduns
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JBM Klumpeduns

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JBM Klumpeduns arose from a need in the author to be able to create strange engine noises.

The result is this plugin of it’s own kind. It is a plugin not aiming to produce lovely music. It’s sole purpose is to aid in the production of noises. Metalic, wooden noises is what it does best, but it can also be used to produce alien haunting engine noises.

Although there is almost only noises in the preset list you’re still able to squeeze some music out of it. But you have to work hard for it.

The synth uses random to it’s advantage. You can randomize every knob, every section, or everything in the synth. The knobs in the random section determins how much randomness will be applied, and between what values. You can also press reset to get a basic sound to model from scratch.

Currently this plugin comes with 40+ presets right now, but more will be added.

I have affection for this odd little beast- not one for using all the time, but it is very good for creating strange noises. The "Random" features are very useful for quickly finding something you might like!