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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Krakli rare old stuff
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Music-Society SpecialPack Krakli rare old stuff

more than 100 synths and effects, sorry no descriptions, only pics
250 MB

Only for active users or donors
You must be in the Group "Feel at home" or make a donation to DL it
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[Image: jnAHBqC.png]

[Image: 7NhVxNe.png]

[Image: IJMVE6g.png]

[Image: Y7VZWWO.png]

[Image: kPfJivo.png]

[Image: 1zriBqq.png]

[Image: p1jZtwO.png]

[Image: u2K7Bpl.png]

[Image: 0PtIPKC.png]

[Image: siS9Y6Y.png]

[Image: 40PQOwd.png]

[Image: 9Ptci1Y.png]

[Image: lGBqljk.png]

[Image: amhM4Kr.png]

[Image: 0jvLxGX.png]

[Image: jUfFV3B.png]

[Image: ZwgGf20.png]

[Image: 6PTqJg8.png]

[Image: XmriCMU.png]

[Image: 8Ir9aS3.png]

[Image: 2qaqBwL.png]

[Image: 1X7QLU4.png]

Presets by Kujashi HERE
[Image: jd7mf8W.png]

[Image: O7W8miF.png]

[Image: 1C5d1z3.png]

[Image: CNDof2X.png]

[Image: fDyIZSy.png]

[Image: aavGgoA.png]

[Image: d3wx96q.png]

[Image: g9AuBVm.png]

[Image: 4HYvbn7.png]

[Image: 1uEEk4K.png]

[Image: Ozoe3Be.png]

[Image: YmfskEh.png]

[Image: g0XDUy8.png]

[Image: bCgrm3q.png]

[Image: 4VznKJY.png]

[Image: LuZ1bNp.png]

[Image: Pd1lQJY.png]

[Image: t7mdSaP.png]

[Image: arXk4Ow.png]

[Image: uHvx0mp.png]

[Image: fbzOurP.png]

[Image: Yrl8eMq.png]

[Image: oYpo9ys.png]

[Image: NuUcwet.png]

[Image: XFFrW1I.png]

[Image: HcpQUUf.png]

[Image: w3Df4l3.png]

[Image: SBOFPxZ.png]

[Image: hGl2tCu.png]

[Image: 5Ysy0wY.png]

[Image: C01mfVd.png]

[Image: 4VhXfH7.png]

[Image: EoEO5kT.png]

[Image: i1jbjjc.png]

[Image: hZJLKdh.png]

[Image: it7OVSs.png]

[Image: F9A7s5r.png]

[Image: EruISe9.png]

[Image: ONPfu1D.png]

[Image: tZoAnWz.png]

[Image: UNV0WNN.png]

[Image: dPPLL9U.png]

[Image: siL32jX.png]

[Image: mBvhHHV.png]

[Image: cEHnSRe.png]

[Image: 8ajGYyD.png]

[Image: 9yL0F2N.png]

[Image: zPx9LCo.png]

[Image: TTdXAjC.png]

[Image: WSsk4G0.png]

[Image: ewwuIea.png]

[Image: BY46cqv.png]

[Image: TNxHb3r.png]

[Image: qkl8MdV.png]

[Image: rzcog7z.png]

[Image: lhDRTPa.png]

[Image: SwHZEU8.png]

[Image: N1jwVcS.png]

[Image: D94id6P.png]

[Image: rlB1Dge.png]

[Image: dxVTCdB.png]

[Image: csQMfiG.png]

[Image: 0PVYFmm.png]

[Image: MVeJi5V.png]

[Image: MFlZ5dG.png]

[Image: 6ury1NM.png]

[Image: Pfd1Q4Q.png]

[Image: qjtkyOj.png]

[Image: PqgLpzU.png]

[Image: OU01SVs.png]

[Image: jvarfHZ.png]

[Image: xILCc03.png]

[Image: t0P1fnc.png]


Patches for different synths and effects
Hi ,
... WOW ... this is the greatest collection , many thanks Bam for the hard job keeping track of all the plugs and puting them together , many thanks Krakli for your fantastic creations ..

Dee Jay

Trippy Stuff ! Bam is Amazing///////////.........