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Full Version: Steinberg UR44
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hello societeers...
[Image: ur44.png]

I was fortunate enough to get a Steinberg UR44 to replace my failed MOTU system this summer.  And while I have gone from 24 inputs to just 6, I am happy with the device.  I am downsizing and so this made sense.  I did look into the UR 22 and UR242, but I still wanted to use my 24 channel board, so I can feed it into inputs 5-6 and extend by range to 28 ins if needed.    (but  I will probably sell off the board as my gigs have changed a lot).

If you are wondering about the quality, it is excellent, sound  is clear and noiseless.  I have several DAWs, on my dual core Win7 (7 years old) machine i was able to record at 192/24 with two inputs, no struggling on the machine's part.  On my quad-core it is quite the same or better.  I have yet to record all inputs simultaneously, no fears though, as I usually track at 24/96 or 24/44.  Latency is not an issue, I am primarily a keyboardist, with loads of CPU hungry VSTs, the interface offers latency free monitoring (hardware) which works well, but I dont need it really, the turnaround time is fine with the PC.

I would recommend this interface, it also comes with Cubase AI 8, which works well enough for music construction.  I have 8 Pro, so that's what I am usually connected to.

Hope this helps anyone doing research.  regards  - R :top2
because my money is small, I have the smaller version Smile


[Image: 7207222_800.jpg]

Dee Jay

how much did this unit cost?
(20-08-2015, 05:45 AM)Dee Jay link Wrote: [ -> ]UR22?
how much did this unit cost?

in german Shop Thomann 129 €
include Cubase AI Cubase AI Info

(08-09-2015, 11:11 PM)Schlozy link Wrote:@Bam
include Cubase AI Cubase AI Info

Weiß ich, hatte ich auch mal installiert, ist aber sehr abgespeckt, wenn man über Jahre mit der vollen Version gearbeitet hat, trotz der inzwischen veralteten 5.xer, fehlen viele Funktionen bei Cubase AI.

Gut es gibt den Akkord Manager, den aber in einer sehr abgespeckten Form, so das dieser kaum nutzbar ist, Ich Hatte ca. 30 Tage die Trial von Cubase Pro 8 installiert. Was mich bei dieser Version gestört hatte, das ich gezwungen war, Windows in Aero zu betreiben..... habe ich sonst abgeschaltet