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Full Version: CHARLATAN 2 - NEW 80ties BANK from KUJASHI
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Exklusiv für Music-Society-Mitglieder für den Charlatan 2 von "Blaukraut-Engineering" eine Soundbank mit 32 Patches im Stil der 80er.
Aufgrund von einigen Diskussionen in anderen Musikforen und derzeitiger eigener Musikprojekte im besagtem Musikstil, habe ich mit
etwas eingehender mit dem Charlatan 2 befasst, der seit Mai d.J. vom Developer neu als Freeware erhältlich ist.
Die Patches sind eine Mischung aus der Zeit typischer Polysynths, Stringpatches, Pianoähnliches, Basses, FX etc.

Exclusively for members of Music-Society - a new soundbank of mine for the Charlatan 2 from "Blaukraut-Engineering". 32 Patches
in the style of the era of the 80ies. Cos of some discussions in other forums and own musicprojects in this style, I decided to
create some patches for this synth....
In this bank there are some typical Polysynths, Pads, Keys, Basses or FX/Seq.sounds of that time....

Nachfolgende Sounddemo wurde ausschließlich mit den Patches der Bank eingespielt - dabei ohne externe Effekte, bis auf etwas
Mastering mit Kompressor, EQ und Pan....

The following sounddemo was played and recorded only with sounds of that bank - without any external effects, but with some
mastering, EQ, and panning....


Demo by Bam Dorner

Bei Interesse - der Link: [attachment=1354]


Kujashi (aka Schiffbauer)


thank you, great job


Thank you. Really takes me back.
I can't download it, it says I exceeded my download quota of today and I've never downloaded anything here  Lololw5zrs


Thank you, Kujaschi.  Awesome!  Danke :top2  Grins Hump


Many thanks  : i bi bled


I will try these out. Are there any tutorials for charlatan 2 here ?


Hi these sounds are just what I'm after, I'm learning sound design and was told charlatan was good for that. Do you have any tutorials as there is no manual with it.
sorry - as I said on KVR too - a manual for Charlatan doesn´t exist....
It´s just a simple synth - but it has a very good sound and surely will fit all your needs. So I´m glad you
like my sounds and you can have a play...
(You´re searching for that "Vox Humana" sound by Gary Numan on "Cars". It was played on the Polymoog
in original - but if you listen to the song: Numan played the sound twice - on one he used a
Phaser (lower rate). Make the same with the patch in this bank and try out)

But just a note: Have a look at these sounds and see how they are patched - use them as source for you
own attempts. Just fiddle around with and do your own experiments. Try every knob and see, what it does.

I´ve created my first own patch 27 years ago....Learned sounddesign with hardware-synths, first with a
Multikeyboard "Crumar Multiman s", a "difficult" Yamaha DX7 and a Roland JX8P....the last 10 years
I´m into softsynths, VSTi´s.....

There are so many tutorials for sounddesign (subtractive synthesis) - you can deduce the knowledge to problem...

Best regards
Thank you Kujashi.  Danke


Thank you very much