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Full Version: Jethro Tull - Stand Up - Album (1969)
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Jethro Tull - Stand Up

Tracks :

1 A New Day Yesterday 0:00
2 Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square 4N10
3 Bourée 6:22
4 Back To The Family 10:08
5 Look Into The Sun 13:56
6 Nothing Is Easy 18:16
7 Fat Man 22:41
8 We Used To Know 25:33
9 Reasons For Waiting 29:33
10 For A Thousand Mothers 33:40

Release date: 01. August 1969 (UK) and 29. September 1969 (USA)
Recording location/date: April 1969 at Morgan Studios, London.
Guest musicians: David Palmer (string arrangement and conducting on "Reasons For Waiting")
Production: Terry Ellis and Ian Anderson
Cover Concept by: Terry Ellis and John Williams
Cover Art by: Jimmy Grashow
Ian Anderson (flute,acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, piano, mandolin, balalaika, bouzouki, mouth organ, vocals)
Martin Barre (electric guitar, flute on "Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square" and "Reasons For Waiting")
Clive Bunker (drums, percussion)
Glenn Cornick (bass)