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Music-Society SpecialPack Glitchtek

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[Image: 1_15_07_15_9_45_17.jpeg]

Booty is a real-time beat slicer.
CC Sequencer

[Image: 1_15_07_15_9_49_20.jpeg]

CC Sequencer transmits midi control change (CC) data.

Think of CC Sequencer as an external LFO, but instead of using regular waveforms such as sine, square or saw waves, CC Sequencer implements a 16 step analogue style sequencer to control transmitted midi CC values.

For example, CC Sequencer could be used in conjunction with your favorite subtractive synth to control the filter cutoff frequency. Or CC Sequencer could be used to control the output volume of the synth to create rhythmic gate effects.

    Tempo sync with step times ranging from 1/1 to 1/32.
    Transmits simultaneously on all midi channels.
    Transmits using a user selectable CC (0-127).
    Output value scaling between min and max CC values.
    Variable end step position.
    Two timing modes, internal and external, external timing uses song ppq position information.
GT Sidechain Gate

[Image: 1_15_07_15_9_52_29.jpeg]

GT Sidechain Gate is a simple sidechain gate.

GT Sidechain Gate uses 2 stereo inputs (the second is for the key input) so it requires a VST host with flexible routing possibilities.

[Image: 1_15_07_15_9_55_04.jpeg]

GT-RingMod is a very simple ring modulator.

[Image: 1_15_07_15_9_57_59.jpeg]

Randomiser generates MIDI Control Change from MIDI notes.

Every time the Randomiser receives a MIDI note event, it will transmit two MIDI CC events, their values varied by a random amount.

[Image: 1_15_07_15_10_01_07.jpeg]

Roku is a multi tap delay effect.

    2 modes of operation multi-tap or multi-delay.
    Multi-tap: 6 taps using a single delay line.
    Multi-delay: 6 independent delay lines.
    5 seconds max delay.
    Tempo syncable.
    State variable filter with low, band and high pass.
    Reversible delay buffers.