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Music-Society SpecialPack  CIS DSP Factory

Betty Middle

[Image: 1_14_07_15_6_24_17.jpeg]

Betty Middle is a bass centering plug-in.

Betty Middle uses m/s techniques to control the stereo width of the audio signal. It can be used as a stereo enhancer (capable of widening the image up to 200%), but it is also capable of centering the bass frequencies in a mix.

    Linkwitz-Riley filters (splitter)
    Section: sum, mono (mid), Side (side signal)
    Correlation Meter
    Stereo widening of the side signal
    Graphical representation of Split Points
EQ Four

[Image: 1_14_07_15_6_30_46.jpeg]

EQ Four has 4 seperate filter sections.

Each section has 5 Filter characteristics:

    Low Shelf
    High Shelf
    High Pass
    Low Pass
Limiter One

[Image: 1_14_07_15_6_33_46.jpeg]

LIMITER ONE is a program dependent limiter.

    Threshold: 0 dB to -30 dB.
    Release: 200.0 ms to 500 ms.
    Ceiling: -6.0 to -0.1.

This plugin works also with win 64 bit, MacVST, MAC-Au, VST3
Six Band Spreader

[Image: 1_14_07_15_7_13_24.jpeg]

Six Band Spreader is a stereo widener that splits the signal into 6 frequency bands.

This plug-in allows the user to control the stereo width of the adjustable frequency range.

    Six band X-Over Filter.
    Adjustable frequency ranges.
    Correlation meter for each band.
    Stereo-width from 0% to 400%.

This plugin works also with win 64 bit, MacVST, MAC-Au, VST3
Stereo Re-sizer

[Image: 1_14_07_15_7_21_34.jpeg]

Stereo Re-sizer is a very simple to use stereo enhancer.