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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Necromare
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Music-Society SpecialPack Necromare

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Broken Toy

[Image: 1_11_07_15_8_12_13.jpeg]

Broken Toy was created from a small plush toy's voice box and bending the circuts.

[Image: 1_11_07_15_8_15_38.jpeg]

Celesta is a heavenly and soft Celesta presented over 4 octaves and includes body knock sounds.

[Image: 1_11_07_15_8_19_20.jpeg]

Kazoo is a sampled kazoo...
Sinsonic Drums

[Image: 1_11_07_15_8_22_26.jpeg]

Sinsonic Drums is a sampled Mattel Synsonic drums.

Like many old toys from the past some have actually been used by pros. Mattel Synsonic drums have been used by kraftwerk and others. This is a knock off the original pays tribute to our toys of a bygone era
I have the celesta (different GUI, maybe an older version?), glad to see Necromare's other works available here too!

es gibt insgesamt 79 plugins, zusammen 972 MB Größe. Das größte Plugin ist "Dimensions" mit 364 MB.
there are 79 plugins, size 972 MB all in all. The biggest one is "Dimensions", 364 MB.

Ach du lebe Scheiße, die lade ich aber heute nicht runter, aber die Tage