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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Elogoxa
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Music-Society SpecialPack Elogoxa

Only for active users or donors

[Image: 1_08_07_15_8_48_11.jpeg]

Cosmogirl is a 2 oscillator analog style synth, specially geared to the creation of spatial FXs, ambient textures and experimental music.

[Image: 1_08_07_15_8_50_57.jpeg]

Elottronix emulates the famous Robert Fripp's effect called "Frippertronics": Two Revox B-77 making a continuous loop.

    2-8 seconds delay

[Image: 1_08_07_15_8_54_15.jpeg]

Ambient texture generator.

It's based on a dual synthesis engine (1 substractive oscillator + 2 wave players), completed with several randomization options and a battery of built-in effects. It also features a good set of 24 presets.

[Image: 1_08_07_15_8_58_19.jpeg]

X-cita is an analog style exciter for mastering purposes.

Inspired on the BBE Maximizer models. This exciter can be very useful to add some subtle brightness in the high frequencies, and make the lows more dense.

    Independent controls for Low and High frequencies, bypass and global Volume Out
    Completely automatable via MIDI CC
    Moderate CPU use


Thanks Keep up the good work

there are some more HERE and some beta stuff HERE. Sorry, i do not have the time to upload and present it here.