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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack The Colorspace(Synths)
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Bass One

[Image: 1_04_07_15_12_52_08.jpeg]

Bass One is a 3 oscs bass synthesizer.

[Image: 1_04_07_15_12_55_58.jpeg]

Cloud is a 3-Morphing-oscillator synthesizer.

    bitcrusher for each OSC
    4 LFOs and the Automorph section where you have 4 LFOs to morph waveforms automatically
    Stereo Enhancer
    Reverb effects

[Image: 1_04_07_15_12_59_45.jpeg]

Drafter is a 3-drawable-oscillator synthesizer.

    2 Filters
    4 LFOs
    a Bit Reducer
    a Stereo Enhancer
    Reverb effects

[Image: 1_04_07_15_1_04_41.jpeg]

Feeling is a 3-oscillator Additive Synthesizer.

    a Saturator for each OSC
    2 Filters
    2 LFOs
    Double Chorus
    2 Delay effects

[Image: 1_04_07_15_1_08_08.jpeg]

Piky is a 2 oscillator synthesizer.

It's a simple instrument based on the creation of  pikes and plucks with extreme ease.

[Image: 1_04_07_15_1_11_55.jpeg]

Serio3 is a 3-oscillator Subtractive Synthesizer.

    3 Sub OSCs
    an ADSR for each OSC
    Ring Modulation
    2 Filters
    2 LFOs
    a Stereo Enhancer
    Delay, Reverb
    Chorus Effects

Hi ,
I really like this kind of GUIs , hope they sound as good as they  look ... will check ..
many thanks for the share ,
ciao , Moritz
I think the developer moved on to Reaktor-only work, but these are well-done if a little CPU-hungry (not compared to Diva etc., but it's not recommended to try running 50 instances all at once Wink )