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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Lithium Sound(Synths,Effects)
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Music-Society SpecialPack Lithium Sound(Synths,Effects)


[Image: 1_01_07_15_3_00_01.jpeg]

Anawave is a hybrid analog/wavetable synth.

The waveform oscillators allow you to draw, import, and export waveforms. I have included a set of 50 waveforms I made for this project. Simply use the load and save buttons to add or save a waveform.

    2 Analog oscillators (sine, saw, square, tri, noise).
    2 Wavetable oscillators.
    4 ADSR Amp envelopes.
    2 ADSR Filter envelopes.
    2 LFO cutoff control.
    32 presets.
    Extra waveform

[Image: 1_01_07_15_3_04_29.jpeg]

Ray gun noise maker.

    1 oscillator (sine, square, saw, tri, noise, halfsine, trisaw)
    ADSR Amp envelope
    LFO speed and depth controls
    Onboard ping-pong delay
    16 presets

[Image: 1_01_07_15_3_07_51.jpeg]

Emulates classic dub siren sounds and such.

    1 oscillator (sine, saw, square, tri)
    LFO pitch control (sin, square, square2, saw, tri, halfsine, ellipse, trisaw)
    32 presets
Silver Bass

[Image: 1_01_07_15_3_11_08.jpeg]

Silver Bass is a simple analog style synth for making Drum&Bass, Hardcore, and Dub basslines but is also useful for making classic rave stabs.

    2 oscillators (sine, saw, square, tri, noise)
    ADSR Amp envelope
    ADSR Filter envelope
    LFO Fliter control
    8 presets

[Image: 1_17_06_15_11_00_15.jpeg]

Waveform is a simple wave table synth and was created for making more organic (organ,ep) tones.

    2 wave tables
    ADSR Amp envelope
    ADSR Filter envelope
    LFO Fliter control



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