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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack by NEKO(Synths) -for registered users free to download
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Music-Society SpecialPack by NEKO(Synths)

- for registered users free to download


[Image: 1_29_06_15_12_23_23.jpeg]

Knork is a 2 osc. analog synth.

    2 oscillators
    3 Different filters - HP/BP/BR/LP, HP, Mooglike
    9 LFOs (3 Assignable with 2 modulating LFOs each)
    Mono/Poly mode
    6 voice polyphonic
    16 presets

[Image: 1_29_06_15_12_28_02.jpeg]
[Image: 1_29_06_15_12_31_43.jpeg]

Nerve is a double oscillator synth.

Both rackmount and keyboard version.

[Image: 1_29_06_15_12_34_08.jpeg]

Osiris-6 is a dual analog synth.

    2 oscillators (With dual 4 OSCs)
    2 Filters with 4 filter types. HP/BP/LP/BR
    2 Assignable LFOs
    Delay, Stereo chorus, Flanger
    Mono/Poly mode
    6 voice polyphonic
    16 presets

[Image: 1_29_06_15_12_37_45.jpeg]

Pad1 is a simple synth, mostly for pad sounds.

Pad1 is very light on CPU but still enjoyable particularly for the joystick-like controllers on the GUI affecting filter, modulation, waveform and more settings.