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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack tagomago(Synths)
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Music-Society SpecialPack tagomago(Synths)

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[Image: 1_26_06_15_12_56_13.jpeg]

7129 produces cheap toy sounds.

This VSTi can't be played by MIDI, trigger the GUI buttons to produce sounds.

8bit synth

[Image: 1_26_06_15_1_00_34.jpeg]

8bit synth is an emulation of the Famicom / NES  psg sounds.
Drum Kun

[Image: 1_26_06_15_1_03_45.jpeg]

Drum Kun is a 7 voice lo-fi drum synth.
Radio Fx

[Image: 1_26_06_15_1_07_25.jpeg]

Radio Fx is a radio tuner simulator.

Place up to 8 wav samples and turn the tuner knob to hear them play one after the other, simulating the transition between channels.


Dee Jay

Radio Fx  looks cool- gives me ideas how to use.