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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Perspective Sound(effects) - for reg. users free to dl
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Music-Society SpecialPack Perspective Sound(effects)


[Image: 1_25_06_15_12_55_56.jpeg]

MidiWah is a wah plugin with variable tone (peak).

The frequency can be controlled by any midi controller (1-127). Can operate in true stereo. Hello wah drums, or anything else that's inconvenient to run through a wah pedal!

[Image: 1_25_06_15_12_59_40.jpeg]

ThresholdDelay is a dynamic delay plug-in.

Do you want to play your guitar or other picked instrument with a lot of echo, but not sound like you're lost down a long hallway?  TthresholdDelay silences the delay from previous notes when a new note goes over the threshold volume. Good for interesting effects, and no buildup of echoes that can sound 'swampy'. Wink

[Image: 1_25_06_15_1_04_40.jpeg]

VariableTrem is a variable tremolo.

It moves between minimum and maximum speeds at a user-controlled or randomized amount of time


Dee Jay

Very useful for EDM- thanks..