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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack KNOBSTER(synth & effects) funny stuff
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Music-Society SpecialPack KNOBSTER(synth & effects) funny stuff

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[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_30_48.jpeg]

BeatVox replicate a percussion sounds performed by the voice.

The set contains a half dozen different percussion, as well as two «voice» chromatic set: phonemes «too» and «poo». Percussion sounds conform to some standard General MIDI and are in the range of keys from A2 to C#4. Chromatic timbres have a working range of G2 — G4.

    44 KHz/16 bit sample format
    One percussion and two chromatic sets
    Drive Control
    Low CPU usage


[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_38_00.jpeg]

Keywriter reproduce the sounds of a German typewriter «Erika».

Can be used as a unusual rhythm machine, and as a tool for special effects.

    Full range of typewriter sounds
    Stereo control
    Drive contorl
    Low CPU usage

[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_41_19.jpeg]

With this synthesizer you can perform music on an ordinary household fan.

If you like noise, and you know how to use it for music, the synthesizer MelloFAN exactly what you need.

    Adjustable «melodiousness»
    Adjustable frequency and amount of rotation
    LP filter

[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_46_45.jpeg]

The world first meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for PC.

Based on a real cat Baksik. Ideal for soloing...

     1x oscillator cat meowing with autofilter
     Velocity sensetivity
     Monophonic and polyphonic modes
     Visual feedback
     Internal chorus
     Internal tempo synced vibrato with controlled attack
[Image: Organaut]

[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_50_33.jpeg]

Classical tonewheel organ emulator.

Can produce «analog» and «digital» sound.

    9 drawbars
    Rotary cabinet emulation
    Keyboard «click» emulation
    Internal reverb
    Octave shift
    Digital/analog modes
Plastic Piano

[Image: 1_24_06_15_11_55_17.jpeg]

Plastic Piano is a simple synthesizer — electric piano emulator.

It has the characteristic of a plastic sound. Especially good for the lo-fi  and cheap-tone music. For the production of the synthesizer was spent more than 150 grams of plasticine. After playing Plastic Piano its strongly recommended to wash your hands with warm water and soap.

    2x oscillators with three wavetypes
    LP-filter for each oscillator
    Velocity sensitivity
    Magic button

[Image: 1_24_06_15_12_00_03.jpeg]

Slitch is a tool for manipulation of the audio files.

Any recording it can turn into a set of percussions, glitches, or even scratches. Plugin based on the principle of separation of the audio file into equal chunks, which have consistently mapped to keys for MIDI-keyboard. Adjusting parameters of Decay and Sustain You can get chunks of varying lengths. In addition, you can adjust the pitch, add some distortion and process sound by LP filter. Interesting effects can be achieved using the built-in LFO, which can modulate all of the basic parameters. MIDI-automation is available.


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