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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack 8digiARTS(effect and synths)
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Music-Society SpecialPack 8digiARTS(effect and synths)


[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_20_12.jpeg]

Classic reverb use 16 parameters to adjust the delay frequencies in the "Room" and "Damp" parameters.

    32 internal slots for presets

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_23_42.jpeg]

addY is a 3 osc. anlaog synth.

    3 osc with wave form selection in each osc + distortion + pitch + Cutoff/Resonance with Low Pass and High pass frequencies
    Osc 3 with 5 wave forms LFO types in Cutoff/Resonance filter
    Built in Ring Modulation with 5 wave forms
    Built in Double Echo Delay with Pan
    Crossfader between the two delays with curve type set up
    Master Cutoff/Resonance filter

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_27_50.jpeg]

dBounce is an auto pan.

It controls the pan position and volume levels of each stereo channel using points which can move automatically by controlled parameters that defines their velocity of movement.

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_31_20.jpeg]

FLoscPLoSkan is a granular wave player.

    Start and End selection in the wave file + 3 types of 'Looping' + LFO
    6 types of waveform in the LFO
    ADSR Amp

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_34_03.jpeg]

Include is a distortion processor.

    Individual channel Saturation
    Drive Distortion
    Sample rate resolution
    Over + Cutoff Filter + LFO

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_37_59.jpeg]

The easy way to share your samples in a VSTi plugin !

This sampler allows to change the background, so you can use your own logo on it making easy the redistribution of samples, sound banks, etc. in a unique and personalized way.

    Allow to load up to 49 samples in the internal bank
    ADSR Amp
    Low pass Cut filter

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_40_34.jpeg]

Sub is a bassline step sequencer.

    Oscillator with fine and phase setup
    Visual ADSR Amp
    5 types of Cutoff filter
    16 Steps Step Sequencer fully controllable by MIDI events with adjustment for 2 octaves each note from each step + Sync with Host + 8 Types of Speed setup
    2 bands EQ
    A Display shows MIDI Note events also tweaked parameters
    Portamento adjustment
    32 internal slots for presets
Variable Filter

[Image: 1_21_06_15_11_44_21.jpeg]

Variable Filter has 7 types of filters.

    7 types of CutOff/Resonance filters
    2 LFOS with 4 types wafeforms



Thanks, good stuff!

Dee Jay

The Sub Sequencer looks promising....