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Full Version: Music-Society specialpack Mokafix(Synths and effects)
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Music-Society specialpack Mokafix(Synths and effects)


[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_19_27.jpeg]

Bitwerk is a simple bitcrusher stomp box.

    Low cpu usage
Cheapo Tone

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_22_38.jpeg]

Cheapo tone is a recreation of the famous Casio VL-1.

All the sounds are synthesized, and there is absolutely no sample inside. The only sound that's not perfectly emulated is the snare. Otherwise, everything should sound very accurate. Of course, not only can you use the factory presets, but you can also tweak them, create your owns fro scratch and saving your own presets, as you have full control over the the different parameters. Those parameters are limited to what was needed to emulate the original sounds. No more, no less.

Their are two distinct synthesizers: Drums and Tone.
The drum sounds are mapped to channel 10, and the synth to channel 1.
The ADSR section and other knobs on the front pannel work only in ADSR mode, as the other modes (piano, fantasy, violin, flute and guitar are locked presets).
[Image: Gatefish]

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_28_07.jpeg]

Gate fish detects and retriggers attacks and volume to midi cc.

Put it as an insert effect on any audio out. Put it as a midi input of a midi track and put the target synth or effect as output of this track . On GateFish, choose the midi cc that that correspond to the parameter you want to be controled. It works great on a rythmic output.
Glue Reeds

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_31_14.jpeg]

Glue Reeds is a faithful recreation of an electric piano that used sticky pads to trigger the reeds.

It is based on reactive synthesis and captures that reed EP sound by reproducing both the reed motion and pickup response. Although the original had no much dynamic response, this virtual emulation let you recover some dynamic by changing the velocity curve.

    Seamless dynamic response.
    Velocity curve control.

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_35_01.jpeg]

Harmoniac is a physical model reed, wich can give harmonica sounds.

The VSTI version works as a simple synth. You load it in your favourite sequencer and feed it with midi notes.

The VST version uses audio input to feed the envelope follower. This gives you a much more natural control over sound. But you still need to feed it with midi to play a melody. If you blow or sing without hitting a note on your keyboard, it won’t give any sound. If you hit keys but don’t blow, it won’t sound either.
Hocus Chorus

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_40_16.jpeg]

Hocus Chorus is a simple chorus stomp box.

    Low cpu usage.
Metal Clone

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_44_36.jpeg]

Metal Clone is a freeware emulation inspired by a Metal analog Hi Gain stompbox distortion.

All stages have been emulated to provide the most authentic tone. Featuring a complex gain stages chain and parametric EQ, this effect provides a heavy tone to bang you head on.

    Drive and volume.
    Parametric EQ.
    Mono/stereo modes.
    MIDI learn.
Monkey Orchestra

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_48_10.jpeg]

Monkey Orchestra is a synth based on a piano string structure model.

It has 88 independant keys. 10 lowest trigger 1 string, 18 next trigger 2 strings, 60 highest trigger 3 strings, wich makes a lot of strings. You can tune each 226 strings individually. The strings are fed by (very) short samples. Most of the controls can be triggered by Lfos or peak follower.

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_52_27.jpeg]

Mutine is 2 envelope followers and 2 lfo's, that triggers volume or cutoff.

The effect can also be set to apply on left, right or both channels. That way, you can use Mutine on a group channel, with for instance, a drum on left that triggers envelope follower, and a pad on right, that will be chopped by drum pattern. Mutine also responds to midi notes.

[Image: 1_19_06_15_10_56_17.jpeg]

NoAmp! is an emulation of a famous analog amp and cab sim stompbox (SansAmp).

All stages have been emulated to provide the most authentic tone. All the original controls are featured, allowing 27 amp combinations with the 3 switches and 4 knobs to sculpt the sound. No tedious tweaking, no complex routings, NoAmp! is aimed at instant plug & play fun.

[Image: 1_19_06_15_11_03_46.jpeg]

Nu-Tron is an analog envelope filter stompbox emulation.

    3 filter modes (LP/BP/HP).
    Gain / Peak controls.
    Full MIDI learn.

[Image: 1_19_06_15_11_06_51.jpeg]

Octopussy is a simple octaver stomp box.

    Low cpu usage

[Image: 1_19_06_15_11_10_59.jpeg]

Tremoloko is a simple tremolo stomp box.

    Low cpu usage.


Dee Jay

thanks very much.....couple neat things in this post.
Mutine in particular has found its way into many works of mine, very unique plugin for being expressive with filters. Danke
Best free Big Muf emulation I could find: