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Full Version: Lynx- for registered Users free to download!
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[Image: Lynx.png]


- 2 Drawable Oscillators with up to 7 voices each.
-  2 Drawable LFOs
- Phase Distortion
- A powerful Wave Editor with following functions and more:
- Over 128 presets

I've always considered a plus to have oscillators with drawable wave .. thanks for the share  :top2
update to 1.03

Changes in Lynx v1.03

Over 1,000 presets.
Added Symmetrize and Rectify modifiers.
Added Fibonacci and Prime Waves.
Improved drawing.
Preset browser fixes.
MIDI Keyboard Mode fixes.
Fixed crash when drawing with shift key.
Fixed Fade End/Start and added Fade Ends.
Fixed Smooth Loop and Smooth Increased FM Copy Resolution.

Xenobios Lynx 1.05
Added Loop fit FM Modifier
Fixed LFO Reset
Host preset browser support