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Full Version: J-Scope VST Oscilloscope plugin
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J-Scope VST Oscilloscope plugin


[Image: jscope_snaredrum.png]

J-Scope is a VST* oscilloscope plugin, which can prove invaluable to anyone who develops audio software and has a need to diagnose problems or visualise waveforms.

In operation it is very similar to a real oscilloscope, and most controls will be familiar to anybody who has used a hardware 'scope. The addition of a control for phosphor decay time allows the examination of rapidly changing waveforms as well as slowly evolving sound envelopes.

J-Scope accepts a stereo signal, and can display it in several modes:

    Two separate traces, L and R
    Single trace, sum of L and R
    Single trace, difference between L and R
    X/Y (Lissajous) plot, L vs R
    X/Y (Lissajous) plot, Sum(L+R) vs Diff(L-R)

Other features of J-Scope include: