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Full Version: music-society presents MM20 by B. Roff-Marsh for MidiMusiker
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music-society presents MM20 by B. Roff-Marsh for MidiMusiker

[Image: zLQPFCVl.png]

The thinking behind the synth is to emulate the early single oscillator mono-synths like SH-04 etc. The oscillator is specially modulated to create a noisy, unstable sound which for some sounds is really wonderful and organic. The filter is firy and at times a bit tempramental (not smooth and polite like modern synths) so a compressor is highly recommended.

A quick rundown on the knobs:

Choose an OSC Wave
Set the Analog effect with a) Character and b) amount of Drift
Set the Pitch to follow the ENV

Filter Cutuff, Resonance and ENV Mod

Monophonic or simple Duophonic
Portamento and PANning
Watch the VOLume as this little fellow can be LOUD!

Set LFO Wave and switch between Std LFO and S&H
Set LFO Mod to Destinations
Mod Wheel is tied to LFO to OSC for finer control

ADSR Env is assignable to AMP via Switch GATE/ENV

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(26-04-2015, 12:48 PM)dave link Wrote: [ -> ]Is this one the old synths from the Synth Studio Packs?

No, this Synth was maked by Benedict Roff-Marsh for the old board "". That was the previous Forum of this Board

Dee Jay

thanks- nice raw synth- good grit.

dalton mavvamore

Welcome return, I'm sure many will appreciate this. Thanks Bam.
This small-footprint synth is going to be perfect when I need a punchy organic sound that sits nicely where I place it in the mix and doesn't blow your ears off.
Thanks you very very much indeed.

Thanks so much!