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Full Version: KoSMiX Ambient Sleep-inducing Lullaby Series I-VII 2012-2014
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Hi guys,

I would like to share my electronic ambient sleep-inducing lullaby series with everyone here:

Imagine yourself slowly drifting off into a relaxed deep sleep. Features a soothing comforting blend of sleep-inducing elements infused with gentle dream-like arpeggios set to custom AN1x's melodic pads and dronal tones, layered over custom MS2000 atmospheric filter sweeps, interweaved with subtle VSTi debuts of Agonyx, Crystal, Amphetamine and Votox. Listen as the ambience gradually evolves into a rhythmically-infused groove with a hint of sparkling light from the universe above!

Hope you find these to be a relaxing and inspiring listening experience!

Enjoy!  8) :top2

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