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Full Version: Fletchy-Muncher
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[Image: 5Fletchymuncher.jpg?resize=497%2C293]

If you mixed and mastered something at home and excited as a kid on Christmas-eve patiently waiting for the DJ to drop it in the club and when he finally does, with the volume cranked up to 11, it sound like someone hitting a hammer on a anvil and you see people with bleeding ears everywhere, then you need this…

Fletchy-Muncher simulate what happens with the spectrum when played back at loud volumes.

How to use:
You put it last in your chain and if it sound harsh or too bright at the ‘Default’ position you have to go back to the mix or master and change either EQ, MB compressoion, De-esser or other tools or methods to get rid of the problem. DON’T OVERDO IT, IT WILL SOUND DULL ON LESS LOUD LEVELS.
In ‘Flat’ position the plugin does absolutely nothing, when you raise the knob to the ‘Default’ position you will hear the difference between about 60-70dB to 100dB. Pretty much the gain increase from a moderate volume in a bedroom studio to a club PA.
Remember to put the plugin at ‘Flat’, bypass it or remove it before bounce your new mix/master.