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Full Version: MusiKernel for Linux
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[Image: MusiKernel.jpg]

MusiKernel Team has announced the 15.02 release of MusiKernel, a complete audio production solution featuring a suite of integrated hosts and plugins.

MusiKernel is a suite of DAWs and instrument/effect plugins, and complete open source framework for developing any type of audio application. Common functionality such as hardware support, multithreading and plugin hosting is centralized and shared by all hosts. In MusiKernel, a DAW/host is simply a type of plugin, just like instruments and effects.

By sharing a single implementation of plugin hosting between all hosts, the MusiKernel ecosystem can avoid the all-too-common situation of some plugins not working in some hosts. Furthermore, all hosts and all instrument/effect plugins are compiled into a single binary, which provides superior CPU performance while providing the entire audio ecosystem in a single package instead of having to sit through numerous install dialogs to get all of your plugins installed.
Hi ,
musiKernel is now available for Windows 64bit too ...