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Full Version: Free Hosting AU microDAW
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Free Hosting AU microDAW

[Image: HoAU.png]

Hosting AU microDAW is a micro-sized Digital Audio Workstation for Mac OSX that hosts Audio Unit instruments and effect plugins, comes with 4ch+1 mixer with external audio input, 24-bit recorder, music-typing kind of feature called as “LazyKey".

For who has Sequera or a 3rd party MIDI sequencer, you can make any type of music that focuses on simplicity (for dancing or whatever!) super quickly. I mainly recommend Hosting AU to those who are:

Beginners (and who wants to teach them)
As Hosting AU is the simplest DAW available today, you’ll need to learn nothing more than very basic things such as what is a synth, what is a recording, what is MIDI etc.

Matured Musicians and Developers
As Hosting AU does the quickest job in every part from launching until quitting, plus it hosts even older plugins from Intel-era on Snow Leopard or later to the latest one, I believe that you'll find a useSmile It does not "wrap" any, things are connected and run very straightly, so you’ll have best hosting result in terms of sonic quality, cpu+memory efficiency, and lowest latency too.

Serious Music Listeners
As Hosting AU accepts Cycling 74’s SoundFlower (check their website, it’s free to grab also: From Here), you can virtually wire between Hosting AU and any other apps that uses audio. Good thing is that you can insert effects after the input, so for instance, you can listen to internet radio better through your quality pluginsWink

Other Info
Hosting AU has only about 500KB for its size, surprisingly that could be stored in 2DD floppy disketteBig Grin and as the app itself is all its content, you won’t have any worry to get it installed on your Mac. Just grab one today, and give it a try!

As Hosting AU hosts Audio Unit plugins, you can expand it with variety of plugins, firstly I recommend my Gimmick synth to be installed, and also I know some of great plugins for free such as u-he’s TyrellN6, Futucraft’s Kairatune, Martinic's Combo Model F, and also there are some paid plugins that have moderate demo limitation such as Gimmick, Xils-3 etc etc.