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Full Version: GrooveCloud | Social Sequencer
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GrooveCloud | Social Sequencer

[Image: bNcxBsn1wWPKRLaS5jO72zQHiVFV5fPV2clVyYwJ...XrVYQ=h900]

* NOTE: this product is currently in open beta. We'll collect system information if the app crashes. The free app lets you start up to 8 projects on GrooveCloud, or interact with other projects without any limitation. If you start a public session, you agree that random users could edit it.

Make music with your friends in the Cloud!

GrooveCloud is a collaborative music sequencer for the Android platform that enables its users to make music together, at the same time. For example, imagine yourself arranging a drum pattern while a friend is taking care of the bass section, and while someone else is arranging or mixing the track.

The audio engine offers the following features:
-song arranger with 8 patterns of length (1-2-4-8 measures)
-up to 8 DRUM samplers with ADSR envelope, LP and HP filter.
-up to 8 INSTRUMENT samplers, with ADSR envelope, LP and HP filter, root note and musical mode selection.
-per-note fine tuning of envelope and filter parameters
-mixer section with pan, delay and reverb sends.
-export to OGG
-more then 200 free samples

GrooveCloud was designed to respond to a specific need: having a musical sketchpad with a "cloudy" feel. Indeed, it offers a number of social features, like:

-song information is stored in Online Servers and is available almost instantly to all the song participants.
-all the manipulations made by any of the participants are propagated in few seconds to all the other participants
-users can export the song to the Community Services and post a link to the audio render on Social Networks.
-users can review the latest edits.
-users can invite friends to join the song by email.
-songs can be either be public (editable and viewable by anyone) or private (editable and viewable only by the creator or invited users)