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Full Version: Maxwell Smart v.2.0
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Maxwell Smart v.2.0

[Image: maxwell_smart_v2_0-vstplanet.jpg]

- 32-bit VST plugin for Windows
- Transparent true peak limiter / loudness maximizer with look-ahead
- Built-in inter-sample peak (ISP) detection equivalent to 4x oversampling (without any of the artifacts or heavy CPU-load)
- Compliant with the latest ITU, EBU and ATSC recommendations for true peak detection
- Adjustable threshold and ceiling (-24dB ... 0dB)
- 3 modes to control the sound: smooth, normal and loud
- Compensated latency of 4ms
- Support for all sample rates above 11.025kHz
- Ideal for mastering, or as a drum bus limiter for example

Maxwell Smart true peak limiter to v3.0

[Image: cNpJmP5.jpg]

Features in v3.0:

- Transparent true peak limiting / loudness maximizing with look-ahead.
- Simple but effective controls to fluently adjust the sound.
- 4x Inter-Sample Peak (ISP) detection, with the same efficiency as 4x linear phase oversampling, but without any of the common downsides, such as additional sound artifacts or heavy CPU-load.
- Compliant with the latest international recommendations for true peak detection, such as those described in ITU-R BS.1770-4.
- 5ms latency (compensated).
- Support for all sample rates between 8kHz - 384kHz.