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Full Version: easy-crumar
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[Image: 1_04_02_14_11_55_17.jpeg]

"Emulation" of Crumar Multiman S with 6 sounds

    volume for each slot

Original-Samples and Inspriration by Kujashi ... Many Thanks !!



I used to own a Multiman years ago...great for strings/brass and basic synth. Danke


When I checked out this VST, a while ago, I noticed that the the samples of cello, strings and brass sounds contain a very nasty ground hum. Very difficult to remove when using the VST as such, in particular because the frequency of the hum will transpose along with the pitch being played... Sad

It's a pity. However, it could be remedied to some extent if the samples would have the ground hum cleaned up each individually... 

For quality recording only the piano en harpsichord sounds can be useful IME.
the Easy-Crumar was a collaboration between Easytoolz and me. I recorded my old Multiman S these times.
Unfortunately it was "light-damaged" - so the humming came off the powercable and it was too expensive
for a repair. A year later I used a notchfilter to eleminate the noises, cos I wanted new samples for myself....
You can only do the same - A good notchfilter would help....

Armin aka kujashi (Schiffbauer)