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Full Version: Ring Mod 101
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Ring Mod 101

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Yes. The RM 101 is a re-creation of a classic effects chain using a vintage ring modulator. However, unless you are handy with a soldering iron, have access to an old transistor ring modulator, an old dual channel tube amp, an old tube echo unit, a 2-pole ladder filter, and an old chorus/flanger pedal, you will not have much luck capturing the tone of the RM 101.

Why we like It.

At its core a ring modulator multiplies one signal with another. When these signals collide there is an explosion of harmonics. Some are musically useful and others are not. The trick is to find a way to harness the power of ring modulation the way that old analog Buchla* and Oberheim* synthesizers do. Just like a real old analog beast we added some real world quirks to this plug-in. For example: sometimes the gauge works and sometimes it doesn't;  it has some nicks on its face from being dropped; its filter is sometimes unstable, etc. Hopefully, these imperfections will result in happy musical accidents just like the real world.

Why we think you will like it..

Ring Modulators are far more useful than copying science fiction sounds. While it may be fun to copy the alien sounds from a classic Sci-Fi movie, ring modulation is almost a form of additive synthesis with boundless potential. RM 101's sound can range from piercing, aggressive, raw to sublime and ethereal. RM 101 is designed to offer a taste of the possibilities available in its big brother ARM 101.  In closing, most folks do not know that ring modulation is a classic underground dance music tool that has for years given old beat machines, turntables and synthesizers the grit and "edge" to cut through a mix and get the crowd moving. Ring Mods are not just for guitarists!


32 user presets
Midi automation
Ring Modulation
2-pole 24db Moog filter
Dual channel tube amp drive emulation
Ensemble chorus/flanger effect
Vintage spring echo effect.

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