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Full Version: Thrillseeker VBL
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Thrillseeker VBL

[Image: 1_02_07_13_7_18_35.jpeg]

"Bringing mojo back – Thrillseeker VBL is an emulation of a “vintage broadcast limiter” following the classic Variable-Mu design principles from the early 1950′s. They were used to prevent audio overshoots by managing sudden signals changes.

From today’s perspective, and compared to brickwall limiters, they are rather slow and should be seen as more of a gain structure leveler, but they still are shining when it comes to perform gain riding in a very musical fashion – they have warmth and mojo written all over."

ThrillseekerVBL is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.
im Freeware Bereich einer der besten Entwickler....