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Full Version: Stressor Plug-in
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Stressor Plug-in

[Image: stressor1.png]

    Classic Distressor® EL-8 Compressor clone, 500 Series Rack Style.
    Power On/Off Switch (Bypass) .
    Gain Reduction meter.
    Input level meter (-12 dB detect).
    Input control (Relative threshold).
    Threshold Controlled Circuitry(-30 to -50 dB).
    Ratio switch (1, 2, 4, 8, 20 and Nuke).
    Attack time control (0.05 ms to 4 secs).
    Release time control (0.30 ms to 3 secs).
    Post-Coloring modes switch (1, 2).
    Output control (0 to 40 dB).