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Sleepy-Time Records Free Legacy Bundle

Only for active User or donors

[Image: 1_14_06_16_5_54_32.png]

These carefully calibrated, high-quality VU meters are great for both tracking and setting levels between inserts in your DAW. The meter animation is smooth and the ballistics meet the requirements of classic analog meters.

Features include:

    Classic VU meter simulation
    +/- 24dB of gain control
    MonoChannel: Smooth HP filter
    MonoChannel: 3-band tone shaping EQ
    StereoChannel: LR and MS balance
    StereoChannel: Center crossover control
    StereoChannel: Stereo phase correlation meter

[Image: 1_14_06_16_5_59_55.jpeg]

Enhance your percussive instruments with this easy to use envelope shaper. Transient allows precise control over your audio signal's transients with minimal cpu usage.

Features include:

    Mono and Stereo compatibility.
    Transient detection and volume processing.
    Manual timing adjustment for transient detection and processing.
    Adjustable filters for transient detection and processing.
    External sidechain inputs
        Mono tracks, accepts mono sidechain.
        Stereo tracks, accepts mono or stereo sidechain.
    Solo attack, sustain, left, and right.
    Adjustable volume range for transient detection.

Crosstalk v2
[Image: 1_14_06_16_6_03_21.jpeg]

Simulate the stereo bleeding effect of analog buses with Crosstalk v2. The effect is subtle, but many people believe it's one of the many intricacies of achieving "analog" sound in the digital world.

Features include:

    Different curves and levels for Professional and Consumer modes
    Adjustable amount of crosstalk
    Power button for fast A/B comparisons.

[Image: 1_14_06_16_6_08_21.jpeg]

Instead of being limited to your DAW's pan control, DualPanner lets you adjust your sound's stereo position anywhere in the signal chain.

Features include:

    Independent panning for each channel of a stereo signal
    Adjustable pan law
    Stereo width mode
    Per-channel solo mode


Quickly flip the polarity of your sound anywhere in the signal chain.

Features include:

    Left only
    Right only
    Left and Right

[Image: 1_14_06_16_6_11_58.jpeg]

Lisp by Sleepy-Time DSP.
Lisp is a high precision freeware de-esser plugin which uses the advanced transient detection algorithm from Sleepy-Time DSP’s Transient plugin