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VST* Instrument for Windows Operating Systems.
A VST* Host is required for running this Plugin-software.

2x virtual analog oscillators
1x phase distortion oscillator
1x FM-Oscillator containing 5 operators.

Oscillators can be routed to amp directly (pan for each oscillator), to filter 1, to filter 2 oder to both (F). If modus F is selected in oscillator, the siganal will be routed to filter 1 first. In filter 1 you can choose if the signal is not routed any further(1), routed to filter 1 and filter 2 parallely (P), or if it first passes filter1, followed by filter 2 (S).

4 Envelopes (Modulation, Amp, Filter 1, Filter 2)
2 Filter (1x Lowpass, 1x Multimode, Dist/Shape, Pan, parallel or serial mode)
4 LFOs (all tagets available)
4 Modulation sequencers (adjustable speed, target and amount)
Bitcrusher, Delay, Reverb
Adjustable modulationwheel targets.

LFO, Delay and Sequencers can run freely with adjustable speeds or be synced to the host's or the selected tempo.

This is freeware, use it in your projects, spread it, recommend it if you like it.
If you'd like to share your custom presets, please contact us.