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Full Version: KeroVee
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[Image: kerovee161.png]

KeroVee is a Pitch-Correction plug-in that works as a VST effect. It can pitch-detect and retune to specified scales or MIDI notes. 'Bypass' and 'SubTone' mix are also available.


    Scale Buttons 'C' to 'B' specify the 'Allowed' note.
    Speed: Tuning Speed. Maybe robotic if set to '100=MAX'.
    TuneTo (If both are enabled the MIDI note gets priority. But scale tuning is effective after notes are "offed"):
    - MIDI: Enable Tuning to MIDI notes.
    - Scale: Enable Tuning to specified scales by scale buttons.

    Calib: Maste1r tuning 430Hz to 450Hz. The default is 440Hz.
    - Bal LR balance of output.
    - Vol Output level.

    - Bypass Original sound mix level.
    - SubTone -1 Octave of tuned sound mix level.
    - Tuned Tuned sound mix level.