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Full Version: [sample player, freeware] UVI Workstation
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UVI Workstation

[Image: uvi_workstation2_main.jpg]

UVI Workstation 2 main features :

New single mode for loading next generation of UVI sounds and instruments
Compatible with the UVI scripted instruments
Powerful  Arpeggiator, extremely flexible and complete
Easy to use Search Engine to find fast what you’re looking for
Universal compatibility Mac / PC
Operate in full 64 bits on Mac / PC
Manage instruments and loops in the same interface
Smart integrated browser
Convenient mixing environment with meters, mute, solo, volume, pan ...
Unlimited parts
Up to 64 MIDI channels
Disk streaming per part
Multiple separate outputs
MIDI learn
Expert mode
Cross-platform Multi’s & all host compatible
Unlimited FX
Complete professional effects arsenal, with easy editing (delay, reverb, phaser, chorus, EQ, filter, drive, distortion, compressor...)
Excellent sounding convolution reverb
Direct sync to host : tempo & transport
State-of-the-art real-time time-stretch algorithm
Real-time sync to the beat: loops are always in time
Latch mode
Sample/Slice Start for loops and phrases
Drag & Drop MIDI & Audio
Import REX files, Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV and more...
Expandable with all UVI sounds and instruments
Direct connection to the RSS feed

UVI Workstation 2 minimum system requirements:


- Mac Intel processors
- 2 GB of RAM
- MAC OS X 10.5 or higher
- Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play


- Core duo or faster
- 2 GB of RAM
- Windows XP SP2 or higher version, Windows Vista
- Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play


• UVI Workstation (2.0.3) for Mac OS X
• UVI Workstation (2.0.3) for Windows
• UVI Workstation (2.0.3) for Windows (x64)

• UVI Demo Soundpack

• English Manual

Upadte auf 2.0.9

New in 2.0.9

    Better Keyswitch handling. Now only pressed keys are stored
    Bugfix for issues with UVI Vintage Legends sound bank
    Bugfix for possible issues when MIDI learning macro knobs

New in 2.0.7

    New 3rd party soundbank
    BugFix got issue with some script based sequencer
    BugFix for some Rare crashes

New in 2.0.2

    Fine tune setting per part.
    Coarse and Fine tune in Loop edit.
    Fix issue when reloading some older session.
    Fix support of CAF format with slice informations (new Apple loops).
    MSI and Ethno 1 support is back.
    Display issue with Gypsy Jazzy.
    Multi reloading with some scripted soundbank.
    Other minor fixes.
Update auf 2.17

New in 2.1.7

    Fix for regression introduced in 2.1.6 regarding macro knobs
    Bugfix for minor issues

New in 2.1.6

    Reduced memory usage
    Fix for other minor fixes

New in 2.1.5

    Bugfix for issue with Avid Mini Grand on OSX
    Bugfix for Mastering FX
    Bugfix for possible crash in Live related to keyboard input

New in 2.1.4

    Various minor fixes.

New in 2.1.1

    Now compatible with AAX Pro Tools 11

New in 2.1.0

    Now compatible with AAX Pro Tools 11

die aktuelle Version ist 2.6.4 (287 MB Download, PC-Version).
(13-10-2017, 12:18 PM)tf-drone Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

die aktuelle Version ist 2.6.4 (287 MB Download, PC-Version).

und wat is neu?
Ich habe keine Ahnung, ich hab dat Proggi heut zum ersten Mal jesehen.
Das gibt es schon ewig

Das Plugin ist zwar kostenlos, aber die Bänke kosten bis auf wenige Ausnahmen