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Full Version: Zweeger - win, mac, linux
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Freeware, Windows, MAC, LINUX, MIDI Tool,

Zweeger is a modular extended MIDI filter and generator. It works as a standalone tool or as a VST effect. It can be placed between any MIDI input, such as keyboards, and any tool that can be controlled by MIDI messages (effects, samplers, hardware, software...) It can also work without any input as a "simple" generator.

Zweeger is composed of various elements, such as LFO, envelops, random curves, delays, note generators, ... All of them can be chained in various ways, synchronized on the tempo.

If you are fed up with drawing automation curves, turning knobs repeatedly or if you need a third hand, Zweeger is the tool you need.
Key features

Forthcoming releases features

* Plugin (VST, AU, LADSPA) or Standalone (both for Windows, Linux, Mac)
* LFO, Envelops,
* Delays,
* Midi tools (filter, remapper, ...)
* Internal and external triggering and re-triggering,
* Automation of most parameters,
* Synchronisable on tempo or on absolute timing,
* Fully controllable polyphonic piano, with automatic pitch bend corrections

* Midi sequence player module
* Automatisable module bypass
* Customizable envelop modules
* Graphical representation of LFO and envelops
* Multiple triggering

needs Java