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Full Version: The Grey Apparatus 2 - for registered users free to download
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The Grey Apparatus 2

[Image: 2mhadQv.jpg]

The Grey Apparatus-2 is a modification based on a family of "color" of synthesizers Creatorum Genius Lab.
The Grey Apparatus-2 includes an additional set of new features:
the ability to change skins (this package contains 50 skins), adjustable number of votes (1 to 32), a direct link to the manufacturer's website to monitor updates.
Fixed bugs of previous versions, a new bank of 128 presets.
The Grey Apparatus-2 is designed for a wide range of applications and different styles of music.

You can edit and create your own ready-made preset bank. If desired, the user can upload their skins, which will develop itself.


    Bank for 128 + additional presets, total - 132.
    Components and Controls feature click "random".
    "Global random" at all options.
    A hybrid of the oscillators WaveDraw synthesis and FM.
    WaveDraw synthesis user can control the cursor by drawing a line in the wave window.
    Filter with ADSRL envelope.
    ADSR envelope for the amp.
    Ping-pong delay.
    3-band EQ.
    Chorus flanger effect.
    rhythm sequencer with adjustable speed and smoothing Velocity 8 levels in each step.
    Monitoring of controls as a percentage;
    The ability to change skins in the package of 50 skins Creatorum Genius Lab and eight skins, submitted by the user Alex.
    The regulator preset number of votes (located along the right bezel), 1 to 32 votes.
    Web-link to the Web.

Presented in 3 copies: standalone and 2 file DLL - normal size and reduced NANO-version for large monitors.
Standalone and DLL versions.
General controls include the possibility rendomizatsii.
There is also a library of sound images for Wave Draw module.
The package is packed into the archive.
Unzip to a directory VST-Plugins your host program, then the tool is ready for use.



(03-09-2013, 10:32 PM)Bam Wrote: [ -> ]
The Grey Apparatus 2

Okay, this will be my reply. I'll be back if happy with results.
Thanks for sharing.
@Kamarro , But next time, please, don't quote all the words. You usually get a warning for that.


Sorry for the full quote. It was my first time with a reply before download to see the link. I thought it would appear on the quoted area.

About the product, sound nice, a bit too digital, but that's okay.
For me it has no point of use, because it doesn't allow me to map all the funtions and I couldn't find a keystroke to load presets, next preset, previous, etc.
I make my own hardware to control plugins and other software, but even using the Behringer X-Touch Compact, or the Akai APC40 MkII, I couldn't figure out how to get a full mapping for my midi channles and devices.
With a mouse, it works nice and fluid. It's a good desktop product.