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I said before I was going to make a track for Music-Society using only Starbell VSTis for instruments- and I finally finished it!
I used FM1 Light, Charisma Blue Edition, Matrix 8000, and 2 instances of TMSS; the drums were made from my own samples,
and effects are all freeware, including the Kjaerhus Classic series for chorus, flanger, and phaser, REFLEX Free, Philteroid on drums, and
Limiter No. 6 on the master bus.

The track is short and not very complex musically, and I don't know what sort of genre it would be called-
only trying to show the wide range of sounds and good depth in the Starbell synths  Smilie_op_007

Hopefully my efforts will not hurt your ears too badly Wink

A pretty nice piece of Easy Listening. The right one to drink a cup of coffee read the paper and relaxe. Well done.  Smilie_op_007
Liked the tune, but the drum track doesn't quite fit.


Wonderful... sounds like the music of...Board of Canada  Smilie_op_007 :kiff
@ Tomcats Heaven- Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your coffee and paper. I suppose "Easy Listening" doesn't mean only Nelson Riddle Orchestra or Lawrence Welk anymore Wink

@ jpumphandle- Thanks for the listen and feedback; I'm guessing you consider the drums to be jarring or out-of-place, stylewise? Perhaps a lighter touch, or something less thumpy and squishy? I had some second thoughts myself, but considered the possibility that the tension added by the contrast gave some balance.. I might play around with it some more, after the over-familiarity/ear-fatigue fades, heh.

@freemobil- A most fine compliment indeed, since their attention to detail in both production- and emotion-values is well-known Smile
(26-12-2012, 08:39 AM)ccDuckett link Wrote: [ -> ]@ Tomcats Heaven- Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your coffee and paper. I suppose "Easy Listening" doesn't mean only Nelson Riddle Orchestra or Lawrence Welk anymore Wink

Yes, well, I enjoyed.  Big Grin Because the EL. Lounge, Smooth Jazz, Chillout are also genres in the EL. So its a wide range of relaxing music. Cheers.  Old
Apologies for having been a stranger lately- too much work and many distractions  Smilie_denk_55_fragezeichen_1

Anyway, I thought I'd share my remix of fellow ccMixter-contributor Hans Atom's work- most of the sounds are
from various samples and tracks of his, which I then proceeded to chop up, rearrange and process to create a backing for his
vocals... some synth and additional mixing and mastering, and this was the result. Oh, and it's in German Wink


Cool Sounding ccDucket...

In my memories, it sounds a little bit like than  "Spliff" an good old german Rockband (NDW = Neue Deutsche Welle)  Smilie_op_007
Thanks freemobil! I will have to listen to some "Spliff".. I am thinking Hans is probably very familiar with them Wink
Most of his work is energetic, uptempo, with a fondness for 80's sounds.
He was happy with it, this was his review:
Great work duckett! I like your surprising selection of samples a lot! Some are so old that I could hardly recognize them. My 2nd piece I uploaded here was reviewed by you! Thats nearly historical… but the fascinating thing is that they all work for same strange reason together. Love the beat and the pushing of it. You understood my leanings quite well. Thanks again!
Also the title made me laugh. What a brillant game of words: Ente des Atomzeitalters. Could not do this in english…
More than a year since posting music here.. always the question for myself, "What is worth posting?"
So, today I will not worry so much, and just add something from soundcloud (an mp3 would lose too much detail in the sound for this piece):

More of a "soundscape" than a song..
I am not sure why my other older posts aren't playable anymore :-\
Anyway, I'll try linking a more recent Soundcloud song here, it's a Boards-of-Canada-flavored thing.
*EDIT:  The forum's soundcloud widget doesn't work, so since I don't have an mp3 yet, here's a standard link: Heptagon Moon
Maybe on next update of the Soundcloud-Plugin

But if you upload here more then 5 tracks, then you get a subforum.....

But all tracks in single threads...