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Full Version: Modelonia Player" Synth - Win/Mac
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Modelonia Player" Synth

[Image: modelonia_player.jpg]

The Modelonia Player is a freeware plugin which loads the Modelonia presets
and allows the user to tweak them with few but powerful controls: firstly the 2 "Mix & Morph"

Fader 1 : blends the output of the two main resonators of the Modelonia engine
Fader 2 : balances the cross-modulation between the resonators

The middle position of the faders set always the original preset values.

The two faders can be MIDI controlled using CC 45 and 46.

Moreover the Modelonia Player features:

-- LFO 1 and LFO 2 rate controls
-- Master Volume
-- Master Pitch
-- Octave traspose switch ( one down )
-- Max Polyphony
-- MIDI learn on knobs


It is good, but I'm afraid it hasn't updated in a while.  No way of knowing if we can get the extra presets they sent at one time. Smile
this is the newest version