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Normale Version: Kaitops Minotauros and Minotaur Vsti - for registered Users free to download!
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Minotauros & Minotaur Vsti

[Bild: BzFeSuG.png]

[Bild: URPwAUl.png]

Glaube mit der Version wird der Programmierer mehr Glück haben. Da ja das LOGO ja ein anderes ist und der Name auch
Trotzdem schaut die alte Version viel besser aus, gut das ich damals schnell dabei war Smile
Updated the first post with both versions.
cheers ty
Just got back from testing shovels at the shit shovel factory. Done with work for a fortnight and suddenly remembered that I didn't have this black edition, which was only up on sites for about a week. Thought it would be here somewhere. Bang. I'm chuffed to bits. Thanks all, have a bloody Christmas and all that crap to everyone !