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APG NESS (Sound Spatialization Software) STANDALONE Windows MacOS v1.2.0 [FREE]

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Spatialization accessible to Everyone

NESS, the New Experience of Spatial Sound, is a free immersive sound software developed by APG, a French loudspeaker manufacturer. It allows sound engineers, designers, DJs, artists…, to produce immersive pieces with ease. The real time spatialization engine relies on state-of-the-art algorithms to render 16 objects on a set of up to 32 loudspeakers. A high definition binaural rendering is also available. By proposing an intuitive interface, and a full set of tools that integrates seamlessly NESS in all production tools, NESS becomes the most complete and affordable sound spatialization solution. Compatible with any sound card and loudspeaker, available on mac and windows, it is a perfect tool for immersive concerts, artistic installations, museography, theater…

NESS intuitive workflow allows anyone to produce immersive sound within minutes:

– Define your loudspeaker setups directly on a plan of your studio/ venue.

– Move your sources in the virtual space with the embedded movement automation engine.

– Create a coherent acoustic space with the reverb engine.

– Control the app with your controllers thanks to the MIDI mapping ad OSC features.

– Integrate NESS to your DAW with the plugins.

The website is full of resources : https://ness-apg.com/

– full documentation.

– demo projects and templates.

– tutorials for windows, mac and any DAW.

– FAQ.

– white papers and scientific publications.

NESS is compatible with the following applications:

Windows 10 and 11
Mac OS 12.5 and newer versions, for Intel and Apple Silicon platforms.
The software is design to be adaptable to all kind of computers, with different CPU resources.

Product needs free license that can be obtained from this form : https://www.arbane-groupe.com/blog.html?view=item&id=1




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