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Dass das Forum weiterhin besteht -------------------------- That the Forum continues to exist

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Willkommen aus Music-Society, dem etwas anderen Forum Welcome from Music-Society, the something different forum (February 29) x

Forum Announcement: How I use the Player/Wie nutze ich den Player
(english below)

1. new topic
2. text in theme - style, sequencer, instruments
Click on "Browse" under Attachment and upload the file. It is supported: MP3, MP4 and Wav(16 Bit)
4. then upload, insert into the text with "Add
5. save

Der Player kommt automatisch
B: Soundcloud:
einfach den Soundcoudlink einf√ľgen


1. New theme
2. Text in theme - style, sequencer, instruments
3. Click on select, you can select multiple files at once
4. Then upload, using Add to insert the text
5. Save

Simply insert the Soundcoudlink

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