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Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE]

AIDA-X is an Amp Model Player, allowing it to load models of AI trained music gear, which you can then play through!
Its main intended use is to provide high fidelity simulations of amplifiers.
However, it is also possible to run entire signal chains consisting of any combination of amp, cab, dist, drive, fuzz, boost and eq.

real SOUND
realistic FEEL
AI models give you the dynamic response and sound that you expect from a real guitar amp. All made possible by advanced machine learning techniques.

take your rig to THE STAGE
with the MOD DWARF
AIDA DSP teamed up with MOD Audio to bring this exicting new technologie to MOD devices and as a audio plugin for all major platforms.

Flexible Controls with adjustable Frequency and Q

For ease of use, this plugin also contains a cabinet simulator via impulse response files, which runs after the Amp Model.

Join the
for new guitar amps and pedals

User Manual:

Join the
for new guitar amps and pedals

User Manual:

Loading files
AIDA-X comes built-in with a single Amp Model and Cabinet IR.
Click on the related filename to open a file browser and load a different file.
The little icon on the left side allows to turn on/off the Amp Model and Cabinet IR.
Both wav and flac audio formats are supported for IR files.Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshot
A quick model pack can be downloaded from our Google Drive folder.Check out the MOD Forum’s Neural Modelling section for an online place for discussion, sharing and all things related to Amp Models.

The AIDA-X UI contains input and output meters, for ease of monitoring the sound.
These are peak meters calculated at a maximum of 60 FPS.

Both meters will change colors to indicate when sound is clipping.
When -3dB is reached the meters turn yellow, and on 0dB they turn red.
The meters will change back to the previous color once the audio signal falls below -3dB of their tripping point (so -6dB for yellow, -3dB for red).

In AIDA-X knobs will move slowly when holding down the Ctrl key.
Holding down the Shift key or double-clicking a knob will reset it to its default value.
Please note not all hosts and formats support sending these modifier keys to plugins.

From left to right:

Bypass and Input Level
Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshotOn/Off bypass switch, lets the audio pass-through when off.
Integrates with the host provided bypass controls where possible.

Input Level attenuates / emphasizes the input signal before sending it to the Amp Model.

EQ tone controls (part 1)
Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshotPre/Post switch changes the position of the tone controls, either running before or after the Amp Model.

Bandpass/Peak switch changes the MID control to Bandpass so that BASS and TREBLE will be excluded. Default setting for MID control is Peaking or Parametric EQ with adjustable Frequency and Q.

EQ tone controls (part 2)
Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshotExtra EQ related controls.
Depth is a Peaking or Parametric EQ to boost the low end.
Presence is an High Shelf EQ to boost the high end.

Output Level
Aida DSP AIDA-X (AI Amp Model Player) v1.1.0 Win Mac Linux [FREE] screenshotFor a final gain compensation, does not apply to the bypassed signal.

Using the Standalone
When first run the AIDA-X standalone will not make any sound, requiring you to click “Enable Input” (which can trigger OS-level permission requests).
This is to avoid unintended audio feedback loops when someone simply wants to check out the GUI or AIDA-X was started by accident.

After enabling audio input, an option for setting the audio buffer-size will be shown.
Reducing buffer-size will reduce latency but at cost of more CPU.
The optimal value depends on the running system, slower machines cannot do small buffer-sizes without audio crackles.

NOTE: The AIDA-X standalone will connect to your system-defined default audio device, for now there is no option to change to another input/output audio device.

AIDA-X is available for the MOD DWARF
and as Audio Plugin for your DAW

Windows MacOS Linux CLAP, LV2, VST and VST3 plugin formats are supported, plus a standalone.

Inside the rar file there are Amps,Cabs and pedals downloaded from AX Cloud and you can Load into the plugin


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