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Views: 67
By: Bam

Views: 376
By: Bam
Wurr Audio Reverb

Views: 50
By: Bam

Views: 71
By: Bam

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Achtung!, 0-poster haben nur bis 5 MB Downloadlimit. Beteilige dich oder Spende was, so hast du mehr Volumen. Spender haben kein DownloadLimit!
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Today at 17:50:15 by TheEagle
Views: 4 | Comments: 0

A musical instrument using 2000 marbles.

Today at 17:47:13 by Bam
Views: 25 | Comments: 0

music-society specialpack Udokorn

for registered users free to downlad


Vsti Drum Plug-In

    Individual Filter
    Effect unit on each Instrument
    Frequency Analyzer

Ultra flexible Snare Drum Module.

Today at 17:41:55 by TheEagle
Views: 7 | Comments: 0

Steinberg HALion 6 reviewed by Musotalk.de (german)

Yesterday at 13:48:13 by TheEagle
Views: 22 | Comments: 1

Dies ist ein recht einfacher EasyListening/NewAge Track vom Oktober 2015. Ich hoffe, er wird Euch gefallen... :)

This is a quite simple track that I created in 2015. I hope that you'll like it... :)

Yesterday at 13:32:24 by TheEagle
Views: 8 | Comments: 0

Dave Hill and Michael Gregory help us ask the musical question: Will badass guitar shredding ever return to popular music?

Yesterday at 13:25:49 by TheEagle
Views: 41 | Comments: 6

(@ Mods/Admins: auch wenn Steam das Ding als "Spiel" bezeichnet, ist es dennoch eine "echte" DAW und kein Spiel. Daher dieses Thema bitte nicht verschieben...Danke.)

SoundStage VR
(Steam early access)

SoundStage is a virtual reality music sandbox built specifically for room-scale VR. Whether you’re a professional DJ creating a new sound, or a hobbyist who wants to rock out on virtual drums, SoundStage gives you a diverse toolset to express yourself.

If you look at old rock concerts, you’ll see these HUGE synthesizers that the musicians conn
Yesterday at 08:10:16 by Bam
Views: 29 | Comments: 1

Bad english below :)

Da ich nicht weiss, wann es endlich klappt, dass das Forum auf die neue Software umgestellt wird. Wir haben immer noch Probleme mit den Attachments und der Gallery.

Habe einen neuen Player installiert, der:

    kein Flash braucht, sondern html5-kompatibel ist
    Tracks können direkt hochgeladen werden, Player ist sofort da. Also kein umständliches nacheditieren mehr.

PS: Der neue Player unterstützt folgende Formate:


February 18, 2017, 23:05:23 PM by Bam
Views: 41 | Comments: 0

Rolend SH-1200

An emulation of the Roland SH-1000 without the 'Pre-Setting tablets", but with the aftertouch controls from the SH-2000.

Pulse width control has been added, and the aftertouch controls can toggle to control by the mod wheel instead.

Filter cross-fades LP (2 or 4-pole) > HP > BP.

This does NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any Roland or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the SH
February 18, 2017, 22:44:24 PM by Bam
Views: 36 | Comments: 0

Sweetcase Vintage Electric Piano VST / AU

Sweetcase is a virtual instrument plug-in that takes your electric piano parts very easy level and realistic right in your computer, with warm and professional sound quality!



    Warm, shiny realistic and customisable professional vintage electric piano sound with nice special 3D GUI.
    Like most of NoiseAsh Audio products, this is a Ready to mix instrument. That means your e-piano tracks won’t need to be
February 18, 2017, 16:43:02 PM by TheEagle
Views: 24 | Comments: 0

Season 1:
"The Dragons Daughter"

Season 2:
"Save our Sons"

Season 3:
"The Son of Fire"

February 14, 2017, 05:12:19 AM by Bam
Views: 561 | Comments: 14

Polyakov (Music Society Edition) by Blue Smoke Audio

Inspired by the Formanta Polivoks, produced in Soviet Russia 1982-1990

- Windows 32-bit VSTi (made with Synthedit);
- mono/poly (8 voice);
- 2 oscillators - tri/saw/square/pulse1/pu
December 05, 2016, 17:09:33 PM by Bam
Views: 491 | Comments: 11

English below

Es stehen dem Forum große Veränderungen bevor....

Wir werden Anfang 2017 das Forum auf eine andere Software umstellen.

Was wird neu sein?

1. ein sehr guter WYSIWYG Editor, der zu fast allen Formaten kompatibel ist
2. Man kopiert ein Bild und es wird dann automatisch im Thread hochgeladen
3. Files und Bilder können direkt in den Text eingebunden werden, und das ohne Plugin, ist eingebaut in der For
November 22, 2016, 15:06:38 PM by alvfaria | Views: 762 | Comments: 8

Hello world!

We are back in business! And our first new release is a rework on the classic(?) drum kits for Saltline CBW01 VSTi. Into this pack You will find the old 4 kits, plus 4 new ones. So 8 kits. Totally free!

CBW01 is a VST instrument created by Saltline exclusively for Music Society members.

The download link is: [url=https://t...
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